Look Of The Day 8-Sit tightly as a King of Collocation

Whether your body is stocky, or tall, thin, denim is definitely a common favorite, denim pants, denim skirt, denim bags and so on. Today’s attire, Jeans, leather shoes, jacket, a simple mixture, but also allows you to become the king of fashion.
Dark jeans, rolling trousers, fashion sense bursts. Dark brown leather shoes, reveal your taste. Thin black and white striped sweater, with a pale blue shirt, very stylish, very comfortable to wear. Dark jacket, a deep feeling, both can make you look very stylish, but also bring you warmth. This match is very suitable for a cold winter, both warm and fashionable.
Brushed and Polished Tungsten Wedding Band with Cross Design,is a perfect ring to show your pious faith in a memorable moment.Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace with Black Stitch Edge,an individualized style for you cool guys.Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet with Black Plating,has a really nice weight for a guy.These there jwelry isn’t expensive,but still stylish!!
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Adapted from:http://fashion.qq.com/a/20140530/006121.htm

look of the day 8

Celtic cross jewelry

Dog tag necklace


Look Of The Day 7-Fashion Office Clothes

Today’s look,Fashion Office Clothes,colourful stripes shirt,wearing it to break traditional routinecomfortable yet stylish, size is just right. Blue leisure suit pants, revealing your charm. These two combine together, so you are more confident in the workplace, with a better performance.

In fact,not expensive jewelry are all nice,the cheap can also showing the same sense of fashion.Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Crystal Cross Bracelet,A sophisticated statement of faith.High Polish Stainless Steel Square Cufflinks with Black Agate Inlay,adding a taste of dignity and intricate detailing. Polished Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Dual Offset Stainless Steel Inlay,simple but still stylish,it echos the stripes shirt!!

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Adapted from:http://fashion.qq.com/a/20140529/003883.htm

men's fashion look 7

Look Of The Day 6-Wander on the beach

I believe many people like ocean,for its blue water,for its wonderful beach,for Sea breeze etc.So are you ready for wandering on the beach?Today i wanna give you some advices on collocation when you wander on the beach.
As you can see,a gray sun hat and a pair of sunglasses is necessary to protect yourself from getting burned.Blue jean jacket and white T-shirt showing a sense of refreshing and comfortable,matching the color of the see.Grey trousers, rolled up some slightly,is very stylish.White shoes,comfortable and light.You can put your small items into the brown bag.
Cross Pendant Necklace with Black & Silver Horizontal Stripes is in higher quality and fashion design, showing your extraordinary fashion taste. Stainless Steel Bracelet with Black Plating,stylish.Dark Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band,simple but unique,showing your fashion taste!!
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men's fashion look 6

Look Of The Day 5-Wearing your style

Everyone has his own wearing style,some people like wearing shirt and suit,some like wearing T-shirt and jeans,some like wearing as fashionable as possible!!So today’s theme is wearing your style.
White,giving you a feeling of pure and clean.Light blue jacket makes you look more fashionable,and it wears comfortable.Black casual pant,showing your figure very well,also very fashionable。Especially,the brown leather shoes,very bright, very conspicuous, very temperament, elegant.
Tungsten Wedding Band with polished domed black& white checkered pattern,simple but give a sense of classic.Simple Men’s Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace,decent in low profile, but it explains everything.Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet with Epoxy Craft,Classic and vintage!
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Adapted from:http://butterboom.com/fashion/look-day-wearing-shades-grey/

men's fashion look 6

Look Of The Day 4-Blue Monday

As we can see,blue is a very famous color.In some Fashion Show,designers really like using blue as the main color.In other film festivals,many stars wear blue suits and blue dresses。They think blue is the symbol of elegance,set off a person’s temperament.
Today choosing a dark blue blazer,a light blue shirt,well highliting your man charm,make an impact.Pale pink pants, brown belt, brown casual shoes, mix together, very stylish, but also very dynamic. This attire, wearing comfortable and stylish, make you in more happy mood.
Beveled Edge Polished Tungsten Wedding Band with Center Blue Resin Inlay,showing your high level taste with this twinkling fashion tungsten ring.Polished beveled edges add a bold, eye-catching design to complement the band. High Polish Stainless Steel Square Cufflinks with Black Agate and Shell Inlay,adding a taste of dignity and intricate detailing.Permanent Wise Series Men’ tungsten watches,the reliable quartz movement ensures accurate time keeping.
Have a nice Monday!!

Adapted from:http://butterboom.com/insider/lookoftheday/look-day-blue-thursday/

men's fashion look 5

Look Of The Day 3-Sports wear

Saturday is coming,let’s do some exercise.As we all know,when we do exercise,we will stream a lot of sweat,so we have to choose some light clothing,so as to decrease the burden of movement,good stretching your body.So,simple black T-shirt,simple but cool,showing your figure well.Blue jens,simple but stylish.Light gray casual shoes, let you move without obstacles, bouncing freely, running up more light.
Two-Tone Tungsten Carbide Ring,tungsten wedding Rings One side has a round cut white cubic zirconia inlay while the other shows exquisite and unique patterns,it is so special.Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Crystal Cross Bracelet,featuring cross links decorated with shiny little white crystals. It secures with a foldover clasp. Cross Necklace in Two-Tone Stainless Steel,representing a religious symbol with loyalty and faith.This combination makes you still fashionable in the case of sweating.
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men's fashion look 5

Look Of The Day 2–Black and White

You are worrying about what to wear?This combination is very suitable for wearing on formal ocassions.Black and white is definitely the best match colors.Tungsten Wedding Ring Firstly,a white shirt,very pure an clean,showing a sense of fresh.Black tie and black suit,wearing very capably,people will think you are very motivated in your work.Comb your hair well,you look full of energy,combining with the clothes,more capable.
What’s more,Polished Tungsten Carbide Band,worn on the hand,making you look more elegant,with Laser Engraving Grooves Design,simple but stylish。To the suit,watch is a necessity,Analog Stainless Steel Watch,handsome looks,more highlighting your temperament.White shirt combines with Round High Polish Stainless steel Cufflinks,Simple yet versatile, the printed alternating strips design in black, gray and white makes this set of cufflinks match most of your shirts and suits. Finally,Keychain can also reflect your taste,so choosing a Round Gray Glass Keychain with CZ Diamond,tungsten wedding Rings featuring large ever-favored fashion。
So do you like this collocation?

men's fashion look 4