Monday – the start of the week, collocation details

Monday, the official start of a busy week , a lot of people are definitely not go past the holidays from God. However,Sorry, you can not sleep late, hurriedly dressed up to go to work.

Here take a look at Monday’s clothing and jewelry collocation. Start a new week ,can not wear too casual to work, but not too rigid ,then the more casual suit jacket , white shirt , beige casual trousers, black casual shoes, these kind of match up , people look more relaxed and capable, yet stylish.
But it seems still less with what?! Yes, jewelry accessories, and then nice clothes have to match with the jewelry . First, wearing a necklace around his neck , giving a feeling of bright , I would choose Men’s Studded Dog Tag Pendant Necklace in Stainless Steel. This necklace is simple yet with stylish sense , matching with the clothes very well, but also very appropriate. Second, wearing “The Lord of the Rings” Tungsten Carbide Engraved Ring No Plating on the hand, you will feel very comfortable,and it also matches with the Monday suit!!
Monday’s match is probably the case , we hope you give some advice ! ! If you think this is a good match , you can also try this ! !


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