Thursday look:Casual but still fashionable

Thursday came,three days of the busy weekhad gone,and today i felt so happy,the weather is wonderful too,so i chose to wear casually,black T-shirt,gray pants,sports shose with little black and gray spots,dressing lightly makes me feel so relaxed,a wonderful day began with the nice dress-up!!
For the casual dress,the jewelry (tungsten carbide band) i chose shouldn’t be too grand and too more.Firstly i thought wearing Permanent Wise Series IRM Watch,worn on the hand maks me comfortable,and it is stylish and fashionable,band material is superior genuine leather,glass is made of crystals,the combination is great,in my opinion,it made become more fashionable.
There was a watch on my hand,i sitll felt less something。So i took out my Fleur-de-Lis Necklace,it is a fashion product of Caperci (tungsten carbide bands),Fleur-de-Lis is the meaming of lily,it is a symbol of loyal,so the moment when i worn it,i got a noble feeling。
I really like today’s collocation!!Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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