Ladies-Look 2, youthful and vibrant summer collocation

Summer weather is very hot, so people will dress as cool as possible, short shorts plus short T, is absolutely mandatory. So how to collocate shorts and showing a sense of fashion, so that it will be more suitable for summer? Please look at Today’s Look.

Today’s Look, I chose a light gray vest, simple but lovely; blue hole shorts, old pants with holes, are famous amoung fashionable people; simple nude sandals, comfortable!carbide rings


LOOK 2-LADY by cherry504

In addition, to match the clothes, I chose several jewelry.1.Two-Tone Woven Round Stud Earrings,The dome silhouetted offers a charming cage-like effect. Simple and pretty.2.Pipe-shape Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace,with Blue Crystal Accent,it is perfect for dressing up any ensemble, and surely makes a gorgeous statement. 3.Black Braided Leather Bracelet,stylish and unique.4.Tungsten Carbide Ring,with laser engraving finish just like movie story,it matches with today’s clothes.

These simple but stylish jewelries (carbide tungsten rings) match well with the clothes and shoes,exuding a youthful, vibrant feeling, people feel a burst cool in the hot summer. If you like today’s collocation, so you can follow me! !

Graphic shirt

Blue shorts

Mia shoes

Stainless steel necklace

Bracelet jewelry


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