Light your Monday

Happy weekend has gone,Monday is coming,don’t be leisure anymore,focusing on your work quickly。The theme of today’s collocation is:Light your Monday。In fact,it is wearing your own style as you like。tungsten wedding Rings
Today the clothes i chose are very casual,bright yellow thinnest jacket, very seductive,it looks like you are so spiriture,giving a comfortable feeling。Black pants,simple but comfortable。On the way to your work you can listen to music,and watching the scenery,it is a very pleasant thing,do you agree?
In order to match today’s clothing, firstly i chose a Skull Head Dog Tag Pendant, is full of fashion and Skull Head will never become obsolete. Then I chose a White Ceramic Wedding Band Tungsten wedding Ring, simple shapes, revealing a fresh feeling, worn on the hand, very comfortable. Finally selection of the Stainless Steel Bracelet, polished and shiny, highlighting your personal charm.
Today’s match is very rosy,do you like it? Have a nice day!!

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