Look Of The Day 5-Wearing your style

Everyone has his own wearing style,some people like wearing shirt and suit,some like wearing T-shirt and jeans,some like wearing as fashionable as possible!!So today’s theme is wearing your style.
White,giving you a feeling of pure and clean.Light blue jacket makes you look more fashionable,and it wears comfortable.Black casual pant,showing your figure very well,also very fashionable。Especially,the brown leather shoes,very bright, very conspicuous, very temperament, elegant.
Tungsten Wedding Band with polished domed black& white checkered pattern,simple but give a sense of classic.Simple Men’s Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace,decent in low profile, but it explains everything.Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet with Epoxy Craft,Classic and vintage!
Wish you like today’s look,and there are wonderful tungsten watches,hope you like!!

Adapted from:http://butterboom.com/fashion/look-day-wearing-shades-grey/

men's fashion look 6

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