Look Of The Day 6-Wander on the beach

I believe many people like ocean,for its blue water,for its wonderful beach,for Sea breeze etc.So are you ready for wandering on the beach?Today i wanna give you some advices on collocation when you wander on the beach.
As you can see,a gray sun hat and a pair of sunglasses is necessary to protect yourself from getting burned.Blue jean jacket and white T-shirt showing a sense of refreshing and comfortable,matching the color of the see.Grey trousers, rolled up some slightly,is very stylish.White shoes,comfortable and light.You can put your small items into the brown bag.
Cross Pendant Necklace with Black & Silver Horizontal Stripes is in higher quality and fashion design, showing your extraordinary fashion taste. Stainless Steel Bracelet with Black Plating,stylish.Dark Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band,simple but unique,showing your fashion taste!!
Wish you like this collocation,have a nice day!!There are some wonderful tungsten watches!!

men's fashion look 6

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