Look Of The Day 10-Light color makes you feel relaxed

Summer is so hot, most people just want to stay in the air-conditioned room alone,they are afraid to go out to face the hot sun , and when people select clothes, they are in favor of simple and comfortable, light-colored clothes, it can gives you a feeling of burden-lighten. Light-colored clothes , giving a relaxed feeling , no bondage, freedom , and enjoy life.
Light blue cotton shirt , casual roll up their sleeves , casual open , which add a thin gray t-shirt, very casual,but also highlight the personality , focusing on comfort. Gray jeans, casual shoes with the same color,so you move freely without constraints, a good time to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea , a cup of coffee at this time to sit by the window and see the scenery is excellent.
Domed & Brushed Black Ceramic Ring, White Ceramic Watch and Two-Tone Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace, black and white ,adding a unexpected luster to today’s collocation, making you look more stylish and more enjoyable.
If you like this summer collocation, you also can wear in this style!!Ps.tungsten carbide jewelry are wondeful!!

look of the day 10

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