Ladies-Look 8, Wearing the rainbow

Every girl wants to be more beautiful, more compelling, like a fairy-like flower, shuttling busy street,becoming the focus and attracting much attention. So today let us wear the rainbow,it will make yourself be more attractive now! !

Rainbow style sleeveless dress, show you figure very well,and the skirt has its own personality, makes you look very attractive. Pink high heels, make you more feminine. Blue Double Circle Drop Earrings, generally calm just like the sea, showing your tranquil. Caperci Classic Oval Cut Crimson Gemstone Solitare Ring(Tungsten Rings), delicate hand and them more beautiful. Orange Braided Leather Tungsten Bracelet with Clover, herald peace and happiness! !

Wearing the rainbow, so you can have a good mood the day, your beauty look is unparalleled! ! You like it?

Lady's beautiful look 8

Formal prom dress
$17 –

Christian louboutin shoes

Woven leather bracelet

Double Circle Drop Earrings Blue


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